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participation in the show M comme Maison
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Studio Cécile Kokocinski in the TV show ``M comme Maison`` on C8

Cécile Kokocinski opens the doors of her Apartment to the famous decoration journalist Stéphane Thébaud, for the filming of an episode of the program "M comme Maison" broadcast on C8

Cécile Kokocinski Studio: Interior Designer in Paris and in the Perche

Our Interior Architecture Agency is made up of a team of 4Interior designers and decoratorswho work on each Interior Design project with enthusiasm, there is always a new story to write.

For professional projects, we like to understand our client's activity, analyze the type of clientele they receive, the way employees exercise their profession and experience the workspaces, all this in order to respond once again to the best at the request of our customers.


Interior Architecture is a complex discipline, a lot of elements to deal with upstream, our knowledge must be both technical, it's the hidden part of the iceberg, the one that the client does not always see, and it must of course be aesthetic (a great knowledge materials and suppliers is essential).

interior architecture and interior decoration agency in Paris and Normandy

Interior Architecture - Decoration Renovation

Space Optimization – Furniture Search – “Turnkey” Projects – Residential and Professional Interior Spaces.

We take special careattentive to the needs of our customers, to their background and their specificities and their budget in order to be able to respond to their request for Interior Space Development.

We make it a point of honor that our customers feel surrounded, confident and supported. They canrely 100% on our teamfor the duration of the study but of course also for site monitoring.

Being accompanied by Cécile Kokocinski Studio in your renovation project is happiness, it means avoiding a good dose of stress,it's a guaranteed result.

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